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Purge Mod "See No Evil" Hagermann Designs Copper

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The Final Evil is coming now we have the 3rd part of our 3 part series. Art work designed by Mathew Hagermann Designs, if you have seen his work it is phenomenal! Made in United States of America. This mod has a revolutionary sleeve-top cap design, (patent pending.) A simple yet exquisite battery rattle adjustment, and the flexibility to customize every aspect of the mod to the users liking.   Product Description: Mod Serial #  26mm body Tapers to 25mm on top Unique sleeve top cap design Fully adjustable button to compensate for battery rattle deep deep cnc engravings Serialized Hybrid top cap   WARNING: For advanced users only. Rebuild-able atomizers and mechanical mods require a basic knowledge of Ohm's law, battery amperage, electrical resistance, as well as experienced coil-building.  Vape only within the safe limits of the battery you use.  Build and use at your own risk.  Axis Vapor is not responsible for misuse of product or user error.