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Black Modfather Cap by Avid Lyfe
Black Modfather Cap by Avid Lyfe

Black Modfather Cap by Avid Lyfe

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Black Modfather Cap by Avid Lyfe

This authentic ModFather Cap by Avid Lyfe (AV Lyfe) is the big brother to the Captain Cap and is 100% USA made. It’s made of Anodized Aluminum and designed by Erik Hutchinson to be the perfect addition to your collection. Tis one is a must have. Order it today!

Product Features:

Dual 11/64 air holes. The holes are chamfered to eliminate whistling and improve overall airflow 

Made of anodized aluminum.

More room inside of the cap so the wall is pulled away from your coils to increase space and air flow around the coils.

If you have an issue with your atomizer not sitting flush on your mod, the ModFather will help hide a gap up to a 1/8th inch gap.

Enlarged hole in the mouth piece to eliminate drip-tips, increase airflow and functionality

Thick-wall design to help fight against heat

Fits all Battle Decks, Tugboat V1/V2, Mutation V2/V3, and the Torpedo Atty