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About Us

Our home office and retail locations are located in Jacksonville, Florida. Axis Vapor is the owner of the Black Beard's Bounty Line of E-Liquid with National and International distribution.


What lead to Axis Vapor:

Vaping changed my life so much I actually opened a vape shop to help others stop smoking. 

I was a pack a day smoker and sometimes two packs a day. I tried most every product out there to help me quit smoking. Vaping is the only product that worked for me and so many of my friends. I have not touched a cigarette since I started vaping four years ago. This is the longest time in twenty-two years I have not touched or even wanted a cigarette and I feel so much better than I did when I smoked. The first time I saw an e-cig I dismissed it since it didn’t even look like a cigarette. I had already tried the cigalike e-cig and those did not work for me so I dismissed the advice from my friends that swore by this new type of ecig for just about a year. Then one day I had an ultimatum from my wife about our quit date and I told her if I have to quit smoking then I had to go buy one of these new ecigs. She said ok to my surprise, as we where done throwing our money away on all those stop smoking devices. Well to my benefit this device finally worked. I was surprised. My wife was also since she did not go through with the ultimatum and had started smoking again. She asked me how this new device was working for me and I asked her if she had seen me have a cigarette? She said she had not and was then interested in trying mine. Eventually she went out and bought her own and she also quit smoking thanks to these new devices on the open market.

I was in a vape store one day and talked to a person in that store. Who at the time I did not know this individual. He was asking me questions about my device. His questions got more and more technical so my answers did too. I came back into that same store one month later. He was in there and recognized me as soon as I walked in the door. He approached me and we talked for several hours about many topics. During our conversation I learned he was a doctor of internal medicine and because of the way I had spoken with him the month before he went home and researched electronic cigarettes. He found in his research that e-cigs where much healthier than the current alternative being analog cigarettes. He informed me that he was turning his patients onto these new devices and was having success with his patients so far. (UPDATE: Since that time now three years later 95% of those patients have quit smoking and are on e-cigs or even done with e-cigs and analogs altogether) It was really heartwarming to see how I was partially responsible for changing these other people’s lives in helping them quit smoking even though I had never met these people. 

Granted the best thing for your lungs is oxygen and nitrogen but the ingredients inside an e-cig are substantially better for you then what comes out of an analog cigarette when used and tested properly.