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Is ‘Smoke-able Hemp’ Legal?

Is ‘Smoke-able Hemp’ Legal? So-called “smokable hemp” is suddenly available in shops from coast to coast, legal under terms of last year’s Farm Bill. But law enforcement is concerned and legislation is being prepared to ban the stuff at the state level. Is this permissible under federal law? By Bill Weinberg Published on October 3, 2019 When the federal Farm Bill passed last December, it’s doubtful that its crafters — like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — anticipated what we are now witnessing. In convenience stores, smoke shops and truck stops across the country, what is to all outward appearance marijuana bud is freely and openly for sale. To the eyes as well as the nose, this stuff is marijuana: fragrant...

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Stranger Than Fiction – Media Frenzy Vs. The Truth

The art of deception is in full force against the ENDS industry. Published by  Jonathan Risteen at  September 7, 2019   As industry stakeholders we know there’s a big difference between ENDS products (electronic nicotine delivery systems), CBD products and THC products. There’s also a huge difference between regulated industry and black-market industry. To group all these product categories together as one is deceitful and bad for public health. The current media storm about acute lung damage caused by vitamin E in black market THC cartridges is the perfect example of how grouping these different categories into one provides a false narrative for media outlets to slander an industry that is known to be the most effective tobacco harm reduction product ever introduced to market....

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